Thursday, April 4, 2013

You have to wonder...

I was told a couple months ago that someone wanted to be friends with me until one of us died. And said person hasn't spoken to me, or has barely acknowledged my existence, for the last couple of months. In fact, he has barely spoken to me since the last time I saw him at the end of January. Sometimes I feel as though I shouldn't be nearly as trusting as I am. Gee, I wonder why.

And I had a whackadoodle moment today!!!

It wasn't directed at me personally, but instead affected an entire bus full of people. I got on the bus at my stop, like I usually do. Paid my fare, sat down and hoped we'd be at Ladson Lane before the next bus I  needed to catch (we were, so that's all good). This woman gets up from her seat and pulls the cord to request the next stop. We get there and she says, "oh no, not this one, the next one." Ummm... okay. We get to the next stop and she doesn't get off. She had to be informed a couple of times that this was the last stop before Ladson Lane. The bus driver closes the doors, opens the doors, closes the doors and the woman finally says that she's going to WalMart. Ummm... that's two more stops, not a total of one, or two, but a minimum of four. I wish people would learn to count or at least have a clue where they're going instead of making us stop needlessly at every single stop while they figure it out.

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