Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Expiration Dates

Okay, if you know me, you probably know about me and the expiration date. If you don't, then it goes something like this: 90 days, out the door. So if I'm seeing someone, they get 90 days and then I'm bored and they are out the door and it's over. It's worked for me without fail with one exception.

I haven't shared the expiration date with G because, well, I just didn't. By the time I thought maybe I should, I decided that maybe I shouldn't. If you'd seen the reaction to my April Fool's joke on him (not the one from FB, where I told the world that we'd gotten married), you'd understand.

G's 90 days are about up.

I've been fretting about it because I don't want him to have an expiration date. And, yes, I know what that means. If I don't want him to have an expiration date, then he won't have one. Except that lack of an expiration date puts him in that rarified air that currently only contains one resident. And if you know who that resident is, you know how serious this is.

This is truly serious.

And, as an aside, how 'bout them Caps??? I know I'm prolly going to be wearing my jersey tonight while we don't listen to the radio because 1500AM has entirely too much static and they aren't on 106.7 any longer. (Rotten strike, I hate you.)

Amusing anecdote: There's a homeless colony (for lack of a better word) down on Route 1 just before the Burger King that now has a mailbox. I know about this colony because a friend of mine tried to join it because they were homeless and she was homeless, except they ran her off. Right fast. The other day, G showed the location to JTA, telling him it was a homeless colony. JTA declared that it wasn't a homeless colony, but instead some sort of government conspiracy. Before you roll your eyes at that one, you should also know that JTA also calls the jet trails you see behind airplanes "chem trails" because there's a government conspiracy to poison and kill everyone by spewing chemicals out of the engines of those big planes. Yeah, really. No, it isn't always possible to be around him, but I will tell you that it's kind of interesting having your own personal whackadoodle around.


  1. I saw that colony a couple months ago. Didn't know it was a colony. Just thought it was one person. I almost want to take a truck load of building materials down to help them make the shack a home. lol

  2. Nope, from what I understand, it's a whole group of people and they are not friendly.