Saturday, April 13, 2013


So I've been, essentially, kicked out of Gartlan because I'm not sick enough. Yeah, sure, whatever. It really annoys me sometimes that people don't believe I am mentally ill just because I don't look like I am. Seriously, we look like everyone else until we start talking to walls (and we only talk to the walls because the walls talk to us). For those of us who don't talk to walls, this is really irritating because I cover extremely well so people see what they want to see and don't see the me who might be having a horrible day.

Or because my hospitalizations didn't start until this past August, so I'm not really depressed, right? Wrong. I was having severe panic attacks at the age of six. Go ahead, tell me I didn't learn to cope with the depression until Mark's illness made it so that I couldn't cope any longer.

It is truly off-pissing.

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