Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dilettantes and Tonsil Hockey

You might not think those two subjects are related, but, well, they are.

Two people showed up last night at CV's gig (god, I love going to listen to her) wearing hockey jerseys. Since one of them was on my very favorite player in the league (Brooks Laich, who my sweet <cough> Bill is named after), I had to go say something. So, one was wearing Brooksy's jersey and the other was wearing an Eric Fehr jersey. Yeah, Eric Fehr who was traded to the Winnipeg Thrashers. (Yes, they are. I don't care that they've resurrected the name, their history is of the Thrashers and that makes them the Thrashers.)

I considered it a good trade since Fehr is, as usual, on the injured list.

Of course, these are also the two women who complained about spending $110/seat for seats that are FIVE rows from the ice. Yes, FIVE rows. I'd kill or die for those seats, but, then again, I'm actually a hockey fan.

Making conversation as they left, I commented that tonight was the battle of the unbeatens and I was informed that Thursday night was that also. Ummm, no. And I said so and the idiot in the Fehr jersey argued with me. Not smart. I am a woman who knows my hockey and I had looked it up when we were 5-0 to see how many undefeated teams were left and there were exactly two: the Caps and the Wingz.

So let's examine that little hockey oddity, the record: Caps are 6-0-0 and the Wingz are 5-0-0 going into tonight, which makes them undefeated in every sense of the word. The Phlyers, however, were 4-0-1 going into Thursday, which makes them not undefeated, in every sense of the word. You see that '1' on the end? That's an overtime loss. And a loss is a loss is a loss.

Moral of the story? Don't argue with people who know more about hockey than you do. It makes you look like an idiot. Then again, if the shoe fits.....

And that leads me to T, who was wasted last night. She asked me about half a dozen time what I was working on (because I brought my knitting), despite my having given her the information after she asked the first time. In fact, I wrote it down and gave it to her so her sister could make it for her.

I was fine with that although about the third time she asked, I was getting annoyed (yeah, you get to ask twice, but at number three, I will still tell you to take notes.) There was this guy (C) in the bar who was not as wasted as T, but he had had tee martoonis. I actually decided to stick close to T, in case she needed a safe harbor because I don't like men who hit on women who are actually too drunk to consent in a meaningful way.

My bad! CV is up there belting out "Let's Get It On" and T and C were playing tonsil hockey. I'm good with tonsil hockey (see, there was a tie in), and I was cracking up during "Let's Get It On" and the subsequent "Pink Cadillac." When T left with C, I really wanted to ask her if she was sure she wanted to go home with him because she didn't know him and I thought he was kind of slimy, especially since his hand kept wandering up her skirt right there at the table. But I knew that my asking that would make her definitely go with him even though she was acting like it was a bad idea. This was after she accused me of acting like her mother and kept accusing me of judging her.

I still don't deal with drunks well. And I really hope T is okay.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh, please, not me

But, yes, it was me. I just had to get to Panera early yesterday. I did it mostly because I wanted to have some dinner in peace, reading my book, enjoying being out. And people were sitting at either end of "our" table, which was actually okay, too, because there was another fairly large area that was empty, so I went over and spread my stuff across half a dozen seats to save them and went to the counter.

The counter was fun. Turns out the woman taking care of me was a knitter and we had a lovely conversion. Plus all the cashiers were telling me that someone had come in and asked when the knitting group met (like they actually keep track of us). I told them that we were a Monday night, 7-9 crowd. Then I followed the nice woman over to where she was making my chair tea latte (I am so hooked on those things.)

While I was waiting, I turned around, saw our area, and immediately tried to figure out how I could get my stuff and get out of there without being seen. So I kept talking to the wonderful woman making my latte and finally had to look at her and whine that I didn't want to go sit with the crazy lady and I needed rescuing.

Yes, the crazy lady from much earlier this year had shown back up. And she immediately started grilling me, which I hate hate hate hate hate. What was the name of our group? How did we know each other? How did we know when to meet? There had to be a formal name, what was it? Well, fine, then she'll just email Jamie, because Jamie's the go-to person and entirely too nice. Who was in charge? Who should she ask about the formal name? How did we know each other on Ravelry? How did we know who to friend on Ravelry?

Yes, I was VERY cranky at that point and she asked what my problem was. I managed not to say that she was, but told her that I was giving her the only answers I had and she just kept asking the same questions.

Good one was when she said that she'd seen that Jamie had moved to San Fran. Ummm... no. Jamie moved to Kansas. Last I heard they were two entirely different places.

And all this time, I'm texting Jamie and Britta telling them the crazy lady was there and I needed rescuing. And Britta came to my rescue, at which point I started talking to Britta and trying to ignore the crazy lady, although I did occasionally direct a remark in her direction. As I already knew, I really don't want to talk to people I don't like and go to any number of lengths to not talk to people I don't like.

And why don't like I like her? She's one of those people who wants something for nothing, to the point of wanting you to give her things that you've paid for and when she saw someone's stitch markers, talked about how pretty they were and how she couldn't afford pretty stitch markers. Yeah, the last set I bought was on Etsy and cost me less than $12 (including shipping) for 20 of them. It's just like I say about yarn. You can buy cheap yarn from Knit Picks or you can buy good yarn cheap from Lisa Souza.

Now that the crazy lady has moved to the area, I won't be going to Panera early on Monday night any time soon.