Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm filled with arcane knowledge

And now I have a whole new group of people to share it with... except they seem to think I'm a raw newbie who just learned how to knit. Ummmm..... no.

First, love that the new LYS is only 4.5 blocks away. As is a grocery store, coffee shop, sushi restaurant, ice cream place, italian dessert place, etc. That means I'm doing lots and lots of walking and I'm feeling it in my left knee, which isn't hurting nearly as much.

The LYS has three open knit times: Fridays at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m.

I've tried Fridays at 10:30 twice, haven't tried 6:30 at all, and I'm turning into a regular on Sundays.

My one complaint about the new LYS is that that they don't carry roving. <sigh> Oh, well, just means I have to hit Etsy, right? (When I work through all the fiber I already have.) But what it does mean is that I really do have a lot of that arcane knowledge. We all know how I am the keeper of the most obscure, strange things that anyone could possibly know, right? Name the wheel and I probably know who makes it because I'm strange like that. Ask me about a Russian join... ask me anything arcane about knitting... really, just ask.

Last Friday morning, one of the people who doesn't talk to me... oh, wait, that's pretty much everyone... (Just think of all the snark they're missing out on but at least they provide good blog fodder.) One of the women starts talking about wanting to learn how to spin. Well, right up my alley, right? I suggest she start with a drop spindle because it's really easy to learn how to park and draft and that she really needs to do it every day for about a month to get the muscle memory. And I receive a patronizing smile and comment and she turns back to the person with whom she was speaking, who, btw, took a spinning class but can't spin because she didn't do the spin every single day thing... She talks wheels, I mention I have a Matchless... she asks about a Ladybug, I tell her it's made by Schacht... see? arcane knowledge... I make it very clear that I can spin (notice I haven't mentioned a proficiency level)... and each time, I get the patronizing smile and comment and they turn back to each other.

Ummm... why are you asking and making comments if you don't want answers? I'm making it clear I have knowledge and instead of taking the opportunity to maybe include me in the conversation, it's being made very clear that I'm on the outside, looking in. Harumph. Your loss, bitch.

Oh, wait, I'm sorry... I just insulted all the babies in total control of themselves. So sorry.

On the other hand, the Sunday group reminds me of the Monday Panera group. Friendly, welcoming, very much the "Hi, I'm Carol, who are you?" that I'm used to.

Never thought I'd think people in Northern Virginia were friendlier than people in the Midwest.