Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where to start...

JTA has just gotten on my last nerve. I didn't even know I had a nerve left where he was concerned, but apparently I did. It's gone now.

JTA stopped by G's the other day and since I wasn't in the mood to tolerate someone who merely tries to not start drinking before noon, I got up and went into the bedroom and laid down. Best way I knew of to keep my mouth shut, per G's request. To those who know and love me, that's done now. I have been disrespected for the last time.

Yes, JTA doesn't particularly like women. In fact, JTA is a conspiracy theorist who doesn't like much of anyone.

He went to use the bathroom and the next thing I hear is him asking G if he needs to flush. G says "yes, of course" and JTA replies, loud enough for me to here, but not G, that he had to ask since this was a bachelor pad.

Ummm... no, it isn't. But apparently that point is lost on JTA. He wants me gone so he's going to try to passive-aggressive me out of G's life. Now if only G would see that one coming.

G was  informed that I'm done keeping my mouth shut and I'm really done being disrespected. Now I sound more like me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have turned into quite the prolific poster.

Not today though... change in meds and some baggage to consider.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm a Weather Girl

It's raining men!

So I have G in my life now and I am so very happy about that. What happens? On my way to South County this morning, this stray man who is obviously from Africa because he has a very thick accent slows down his walk a bit and asks where I'm headed and I told him. He asks for my phone number and I had to tell him (oh darn) that I have a boyfriend. When it finally sinks in, he says okay and starts walking at his normal pace, leaving me behind.

Not that I would have given him my phone number, but I have to wonder about the timing. I think that the happy is shining through and I also think that I'm a softer, gentler me because of it. The blush is in full force because of the happy and I know that people have noticed. Yesterday, when G picked me up at South County, we had to walk past a group of guys from Kennedy. Instant silence and every single eye was on the two of us. I asked G later if he'd noticed and he said that there seemed to be this strange silence/tension when we walked past and I told him what it was about. I don't know why the guys did that and they're absolutely normal when it's just me. It's just when it's the two of us that they get weird.

Now what I really want to know is where all these men have been the last four years. Until CV introduced me to DH, there was essentially nothing and no one. Well, that isn't entirely true, but one date in four years and that one sans teeth does not count.

JTA stopped by last night to deliver the new couch and I also got to meet Rob. JTA was doing some major suck up because he knew he'd been a jerk and I think Rob might have been all gaga because he finally got to meet me since he's heard so darned much about me from G. Rob wanted to dance and since I didn't know how to say no gracefully, I danced with Rob who isn't a bad dancer, but isn't my preferred partner. He made a comment about how long it had been since I'd danced and I told him that it had probably been the day before. He just said G dances? Oh, yeah, all the time. Of course Rob also got a little handsy and I told him about it and now G is also going to tell him to keep his hands to himself and that feels kinda good. I swear though, I have danced more in the last few days than in the past ten years.

And now for the obligatory whackadoodle story.

A little background: you get 45 minutes minimum on a computer at the library. When your time is up, you get a two-minute warning so you have time to close up what you're doing and get out of the way. What do I get? I get the woman whose crap is spread all over the computer, who hasn't put anything away, who hasn't cleaned anything up, and who is trying to log back on even though the log on screen has indicated that the computer is reserved for me. Then she pisses at me because she didn't clean up her mess in time and her flash drive is still in the computer. So I literally had to throw her off of the computer and, honestly, I'd expect better behavior out of a 12-year-old than she was exhibiting.

Now I know that you can just pull the flash drive out because nobody has logged into the computer, so it technically isn't active. What does she do? She screeches at me that I'm trying to destroy her flash drive. Why can't I just do her this one little favor and eject her flash drive? And why should I have to clean up her mess? And, yes, I told her so. Of course, since I'm always the bad guy, I was obviously the one who was just turning this into a massive drama. I informed her that no, I was not, she was the one making the scene, not me. Since her stuff was strewn about the floor by then, I think I got to win that one.

So now we all know. Whackadoodles still love me and they always will. If only G could get that sign off my forehead, instead of just threatening to put a "Property of G" sign there... 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is a new one...

I don't think I've ever had to compete before with another man for a man's attention. And if you can get past that sentence, here goes...

G has a friend named John, hereinafter referred to as JTA (John the Asshole).

Last night, JTA decided he was going to cook for us, so while G was at his meeting, JTA came over and started cooking. I was journalling, listening to 94.7 on the radio, and welcomed the company. That was my first mistake.

Being a relatively polite person, I picked up my journal from where I was on the couch and moved to the dining room table in order to be a tad more sociable, but I continued with my journalling because I'm a woman and I can multi-task. JTA asked for the radio to be turned up so I obliged him. And that's when trouble started.

He bitched about my music, to the point where Coldplay was on the radio, which I really like, and JTA walks over, leans down to the tuner and starts going "blah blah blah" or whatever he said. It was rude, to say the least. He informed me that he'd had as much of that as he could take of my music and he was turning it off. In the middle of the song. Not a "do you mind if I turn it off?" Not a "hey, I'm flipping this after the next song, what can we agree on listening to?" Just. "I don't like this. Fuck you. I'm turning it off."

No, that was not the end.

He put Fleetwood Mac (talk about trite and insipid and I actually like Fleetwood Mac) on and turned the music up so incredibly loud that all I could do was put my hands over my ears and run for the door because I couldn't take it.

No, that was not the end.

I'm sitting there journalling, but still chit chatting. And suddenly, I get slammed for journalling. How dare I journal when he's there and when he came over early specifically to talk to me and spend time with me. Well, gee, I thought I'd been multi-tasking. Silly me. Oh, and he wanted to read it. G knows better than to ask to read it.

No, that was not the end.

He was looking at a bottle of hot sauce I'd bought earlier in the day and I mentioned that it was reserved for my making wings one night and that I'd gotten the recipe from my friend, Lee. His first question: is Lee a woman? Well, no, he isn't. So JTA asks if Lee and I are lovers. Then he backed off but it was too late. I informed him that Lee and I are just friends, no matter what may or may not have happened in the past.

No, that was not the end.

By that point I was so pissed off I couldn't see straight and I was sucking it up because of G. Because I know that JTA is one of G's friends. So when G got home, I went in to lay down because I knew I was going to start crying and I wanted to keep it to myself. JTA takes advantage and starts bitching at G that nobody gets to see him anymore because G, of course, now has a girlfriend. (Yes, I have excellent hearing.) I suddenly realized that I was running and hiding and that that really isn't me, so I was going to go out and give him a piece of my mind and G talked me out of it because JTA had been drinking and, frankly, JTA is an alcoholic (in my not-so-humble opinion).

All this from a man who wants me to help him with his computer problems. And everyone who knows me knows exactly what he can do with his computer problems right now, don't you?

I feel like it's a tug-of-war over G and I won't do that to him. G is going to have to make his own decision about who he wants to spend time with or who he doesn't. But I did warn G that the gloves are off and I'm not about to suck anything up anymore.

Now that sounds a lot more like me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It never rains...

So I discovered the other morning that LS had taken up residence. Or at least he did for Sunday and Monday.

Why me? Why is the smartass always the one who gets in trouble? Why did it take me so darned long to figure that out?

Sunday night, the first person to see me was R. He starts laughing, asks where I've been, I blush, he laughs harder and starts making comments. Okay, one down.

Then I head downstairs. And there's C, "Sweet Lord Jesus, she's back and she's okay!" And my book is now up in front of my face because I'm even redder than I was and I have J and L both yelling at me because they didn't know where I was and they were ready to storm the castle, but they couldn't because they didn't know where the castle was and thank god I'm okay. So now I have a phone number I am to call if I'm not coming back.

It felt kinda good although I'm very sorry I worried everyone.

And now, for LS, the whackadoodle. Yes, I do mean Whackadoodle. He's still loony, but I may have fixed the stalker part. Time will tell since I don't know when I'll see him again, if ever and the "if ever" part seriously works for me. I'm sitting there clinging to any and every man I can in an effort to keep him away from me. And it's still all "Carol... Carol... Carol......" as I am running out the door. Not answering. Praying he gets the hint. Scared to death he won't and thank heavens someone upgraded himself because I was thinking that I might have to invoke the "boyfriend" word in order to make LS go away.

That was Monday morning.

Tuesday morning was better and worse, all at the same time. I came out of the ladies room and there's LS in the middle of the common area. Lovely, huh? Yeah and I get "Carol... Carol... Carol..." as I'm heading to the stairs to run down them and escape. I went outside and there's LS, smoking a cigarette (deal breaker! deal breaker!) and I see some stray guy who I've never spoken to before and I smile and chit chat with him for a minute, then S comes outside and I chit chat and laugh and giggle with him for a minute before heading back inside.

Still not sure that'll work, but that was surely a big fat hint if ever there was one.

Then, my third or fourth favorite smartass, R, tells me I wouldn't have these problems if I didn't smile. Has he met me? Does he not know that if I'm breathing, I'm either smiling or flirting, the two not being mutually exclusive? I even did a google search and found Saint Agatha who is a patron saint of torture victims. Since the last prayer of intercession seems to be working, I'm going to try it again and maybe she'll be able to keep LS away from me.

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ut oh...

My brain doesn't appear to be working today. I seem to be a tad incoherent.

I put a blog post up earlier and maybe I'll revisit it tomorrow.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh boy

Another day, another weekend long gone. And, boy, one minute it was Friday afternoon and five minutes later, it was Sunday. I think I'd like to have a weekend once in a while that lasts forever, but not because I'm bored. I want it to last forever because it just does. Or at least more than five minutes. I don't think I'm asking for too terribly much.

Maybe I am.

It appears that I'll be cooking dinner at some point in the near future. I do love to cook. I was told at one point this weekend that someone got excited when he heard that I knit because that meant that I could also cook. Yeah, well, he got that part right anyway.

So I'll be cooking one day this coming week. Pecan Turkey, mashed potatoes (from scratch), and some sort of green vegetable. No dessert because I can't have them and he isn't fond of sweets. Although maybe I could find something savory instead.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

No blog fodder

Well, I think we can safely write LG off as blog fodder. If you have the link to my private blog, you might get to read something.

Don't hold your breath.

Although I will admit that it wasn't quite as random as I originally thought it was.